Life is anything but ordinary. Rather, it is full of laughter, fun, and surprises. 

So pull up, plug in, and take a walk of discovery!

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Here at Five Flags RV Park, we take the mundane and turn it into an adventure. Take a walk in our shoes to discover unique art, secret passageways, and interactive installations, such as:

  • Etch A Sketch notice board
  • Shell Sandbox digging station for the kids
  • Courtyard Fire Pit
  • "Classy" stage for entertainment and performances
  • Two off-leash dog runs for your furry loved ones
  • The "Dumpster Diver" art installation

Find the magic among our collection of fabulous, quirky, rusty memorabilia!

The Main Courtyard

   Near our main office is a beautiful, open gathering place with hammocks and swings strung under massive live-oak canopies. This area features plenty of shaded picnic table seating to make your Sunday grill-fest the best one yet. Ready-to-play games of corn-hole and horseshoes are set up for friends and foes alike. Do you enjoy lighting things on fire from time to time? Us too. That's why we set up a community fire ring for you and your clan. So go ahead, light a fire! But keep in mind, Smokey the Bear is always watching. Make him and your cave-dwelling ancestors proud with your generational knowledge of responsible and safe fire practices.

Trolley Laundry Center

Our coin-operated laundry facility is located inside two retired Pensacola trolley cars in the center of the park. That's where you can give us your two cents. Actually, we'll ask for 150 cents per load to be exact. String lights are draped overhead for a cozy outdoor seating area. While the clothes are spinning, you can jump your way to a checkers victory or dominate the chess board with a legendary "checkmate" on our hand-painted boards. You may also select a book from our library stump nearby if chess is not your thing . . . or if you run out of worthy opponents.

Off-Leash Dog Run

Do you prefer doggos and floofers over humans at times? We don't judge. Play in one of our fenced, off-leash dog runs located inside the park. Play fetch and give your legs a stretch chasing after tennis balls. Just make sure to bring the ball back. After all, that's the only rule of the game. Use these parks responsibly; all we ask is that you pick up after your furry friends.

Other Fun Additions

Five Flags RV Park is full of fun, and we want to include YOU in our adventures. Can you find them all? Fashion grand sand castles in our Shell Dig Sandbox. If you or your kids are into Legos, we have a Lego-shaped trailer where boxes of Legos are waiting to become your next spaceship or fortress. Flip through a book during your stay from a tiny free library carved out of a tree stump. Look for the sign that says “Five Flags Courtesy Bikes” and take one for a spin. Wheelies are encouraged. If you want to take one to Cracker Barrel for dinner, go for it. Ride off some of the dinner and simply place them back in a bike stand for someone else to enjoy!

The "Classy" Stage

If there is entertainment at Five Flags, your invitation will lead you to the park's "Classy" Stage. This stage has hosted events ranging from movie nights under the stars to Jessie Ritter album release parties. Built from an old Class-C camper and outfitted with all the hippie relics of its glory days, this stage and its performances will not be forgotten.

Art, Art, Everywhere

Five Flags RV Park is filled with a collection of quirky, fabulous, rusty memorabilia. In fact, it is decorated much like our warm (sunburnt at times), Floridian souls. Every corner of the park has something to appreciate. See if you can find your state among our License Plate Wall art. Make your mark and represent your state by donating a plate from your old freedom wagon. Site 19 & 1/2 marks the spot for an installation art piece that features the Dumpster Diver duo. Dance along 'The Music Walk', a colorful creole-inspired mural constructed of old eight tracks, vinyls, CD’s, and cassette tapes. If you have creativity in your bones, craft the next Warhol with our cup art along the south fence. If your masterpiece gains enough fame, who knows, maybe we'll even give it a thumbs up on Facebook.